MW Products™ founders have over 30 years experience in mounting Flat-panels. As such, they have experienced, participated in, and helped drive the evolution of the flat-panel. The number one priority is safety. All MW Products™ come with a rated weight capacity that has been tested to UL standards. This means that all of our mounting products have been tested with loads that are four times greater than the rated capacity.

We pride ourselves on designs that are not only functional, but are complementary to the flat-panels being mounted. We utilize only high-grade steel and top of the line hardware. Wherever possible we eliminate excess material and allow the focus to be on the flat-panel and not the mount. Not only does this result in a less obtrusive mount, but it also results in a cleaner planet. Less materials = less resources used.

Rigorous testing procedures and ongoing quality control is standard at MW Products™. Our designs take into consideration several important factors including material choice, manufacturing techniques, ease of install, and safety of use. We continually strive to create the worlds best mounts.

As a lean, cost conscious company, MW Products™ is able to produce top quality products at aggressive prices that compete head to head with other ‘branded’ products that cost 3, 4, or even 5 times as much. Don’t be put off by our competitive pricing, MW Products™ are world-class in quality, performance and functionality. Our products are also known for their easy installation characteristics.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website and we hope you find what you are looking for. MW Products™ continues to grow at a very rapid pace so there will be additional products here on a regular basis. Thanks again, and rest assured, with MW Products™ you have made the right choice.

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